Meeting your information "Traking" Needs

In an era where literally thousands of people are developing software, it is difficult to separate the professional developers from the startups. Although many people can write code; developing  sound, business-oriented software still requires years of experience, a broad knowledge base of programming, and a good set of analytical skills. Converting a user's needs to a working, user friendly, program is both a science and an art form.

Introducing Five Gulf Software. A small firm in the software marketing business with over years of software development experience. The owner, Russell Thompson, is a master craftsman at software development. He takes great pride in developing sound, working software.

The company works WITH our clients. Entities that purchase our software are part of the company. We are responsive to the needs of our base and are always open to, in fact beg for, feedback on how we can make the products better.

Five Gulf's primary focus is the small to medium charity. Pricing is set to allow the charity to obtain the software needed to automate their facility, without deeply impacting those you are trying to help. By operating as a one-man shop, I keep the prices affordable, while giving quality service. Questions about the software are answered by the developer!

Software Products

CharityTrak Online™ (CTO) – Web Based Client Tracking System

There seems to be an endless task of tracking the client. When were they here last? How big is the family? It the client financially qualified to receive services? The Charity's benefactors want statistical reports by age, zip code, race, whatever. So much time is spent massaging data for the board of directors, a grant giving organization, or a governmental body it takes so much time.

The solution is a Client Tracking system. CharityTrak Online is a web based client tracking system designed specifically for the social service charity. CTO is the next generation of client tracking software from Five Gulf. Modeled after ChairtyTrak™, a mature, easy to use PC based application, CTO uses the latest online database technology to provide charities with a web based, user friendly, client tracking system.

The cost is reasonable. for $50.00 per month a charity will have use of a comprehensive, well supported client tracking system The time and money saved by automating the reports can easily justify the cost of the software itself, and will probably return a net gain in savings to the client.

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Development and Hosting Services

Five Gulf can offer a full line of web based, data management development services. With over 30 years experience, Russ Thompson has the expertise to develop online systems that work well and are user friendly. See Development Services for more information.