My Personal Swan Song

One Last Bug
(This poem dates to at least the 70's when I first saw it, I
 have tried to modernize it as best I could.
author is unknown)

But you're out of your mind
They said with a shrug
The customer is happy
What's one little bug?

But he was determined
The others went home
He spread out the program
Deserted, alone

The cleaning men came
The whole room was cluttered
With program listings
I'm close, he muttered.

The mumbling got louder
Simple deduction
I've got it, it's right
Just change one instruction.

It still wasn't perfect
As year followed year
And strangers would comment
Is that guy still here?

He died at his 'puter
Of hunger and thirst
Next day he was buried
Face down, nine edge first.

And the last bug in sight
An ant passing by
Saluted his tombstone
And whispered - Nice try!


1I need to explain Nine Edge First.  Back when this poem was first written, all us programmers used punch cards.  the 9 edge was the bottom of the card.  When you fed punch card into the card reader, you placed the cards in "face down, nine edge  first," or the bottom of the card against the inside of the card reader. 

Yes, I should try to modernize that portion of the poem like some of the others.   However, those words ring a special chord in my heart, I am leaving them there.