Contact Information

Five Gulf Software
Russell W. "Russ" Thompson, Owner
1409 Clark Trail
Grand Prairie, Texas, 75052
Phone:  972-641-7239
Toll Free:  877-345-GULF (4853)
Skype: russ_thompson



Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist small to medium charities to better serve their client base by providing high quality, reasonably priced software and consulting services. 


About the Owner

Five Gulf is owned by Russ Thompson. Born with Cerebral Palsy in 1956, Russ is a gifted programmer with the ability of writing user friendly code. He feels like the software is a cooperative venture between the company and the users and seeks input from all users to build a better package.

Russ Graduated from Corpus Christi State University (Now Texas A&M university - Corpus Christi) Magna Cum Laude in 1979. After 23 years working in the IBM mainframe world, He was laid off at the end of a contract. Russ went on disability and started his own business writing code for social service organizations.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a disability resulting from damage to the brain during birth. This is outwardly manifested by a lack of muscular coordination and speech disturbances. Russ uses a wheelchair for mobility and my speech is mildly slurred. As demonstrated by his professional and educational accomplishments, the CP does not affect his technical skills or ability to deliver quality products.


Company History

I have been in the Information Technology business since 1977.   Much of that time I have been developing software for IBM mainframes.  In November, 2002 I was laid off from a consulting company.  With hat in hand I went to the local assistance charity to see what assistance they could provide.  I soon found out the Executive Director was a long time neighbor.  I started assisting the charity with web site development and general computer maintenance. 

One day while sitting in the Ex Dir's office, I watched her going through a folder trying to find when she last assisted a client.  I thought she should have a software package to track such information, and since I was job hunting, I had the time to develop a qualify program, and she had the need.  This the genesis of CharityTrak.  The software turned out to be user-friendly enough to market.  In January, 2004 I started marketing CharityTrak via direct mail.

My philosophy is that software must meet the needs of the customer.  Most of the changes in my packages are ideas and needs sent in by the clients. CharityTrak Online has a built in communications system allowing the user to report problems, request changes, and ask questions within the package. My philosophy is the customers are the experts on what the software needs of the software, and their input is vital to making the software better.

I believe God has led me into this business to help charities better assist others.  I am in business to meet the needs of my customers and to provide for a comfortable living for my family.  I am more service oriented then financially oriented, and want to be considered an asset to my clientele.